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Monthly Meditation Circle

2 hrs

Open to anyone 21+

The body is our partner for life, our vehicle to manifestation! Space to re-connect with your body, aligning your mental and emotional bodies for you to experience moment to moment life.


Experience our spirit and evolve through our body. The body is your compass; awareness arises in the body through our senses in the form of emotions.
Learn tools for embodiment and manifestation.

Guided meditations focusing on light movement and exploration for self-awareness. We will explore topics related to MANIFESTATION; whether is a relationship, material objects or our environment. It's all related. We are a spirit within a physical body, one cannot create without the other! 

The memory cells in our body carry our stories, our mythology, and we can step out of them at any given moment!

Being grounded in our body and having clear intentions help us to choose how to respond to our environment and co-create our experience in life.

Our body is the key into manifestation & the key into raising the vibrational level of our human collective!

Monthly Sessions 2019 - Next Session November 16th @ 2 - 4PM 

  • February 9, 2019 - Introduction to Manifestation​

  • ​​March 9, 2019 - Setting the Body to Receive your Goals​

  • April 13 - "Giving & Receiving" - Your Abundance in Balance

  • ​​May 11 - Day Dreaming & Your Third Eye - CANCELED DUE TO A PROFESSIONAL TRAINING

  • ​​June 15 - Releasing Limits & Belief Systems

  • ​​July 20 (online only) - Money & Your Chi (energy)

  • August 10 (online only) - Goals Triangle: A Balance in Life - RSVP to receive zoom meeting

  • ​​September 14 - Accessing Your Power

  • October 19 -  Change Makers - Your Creative Power: Manifesting for the Human Collective ​

  • November 16 -  The power of Rituals​

  • December 14 – Tapping into Your Abundance

Meet @ Steppin’ Out Dance Studio - 8 participants Max.

697 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, California 94110

First time session is Complimentary!


When register you will receive  a confirmation email with the zoom meeting #

Have a large drawing paper, journal and color pencils or oil pastels

Drop in - $25

(4) session package


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