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Beliefs, Agreements & Manifestation

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

We manifest our experience in life moment to moment.

As we delve into our second week of “Beliefs” in the INjoy Co-creating Program, it is important to understand that we create reality every second of every day.

You may have heard over and over, “be in the present time, in the now”, this is in reference to the fact that you can only “Do” in the present moment in this linear time/space.

It is true that when you keep thinking of past experiences, you are creating from memory, and this may or may not allow you to expand your awareness and create something better. For example, if you were in a painful relationship and hurt in the past, as you want to create a new relationship now, consciously or unconsciously your body is experiencing fear of being hurt again. It may be lack of trust, or you may just think “all men/women are the same”, so a block gets created.

Same as when you keep thinking in the future, you are over controlling a situation not allowing many other possibilities and options for the issue to be resolved. Anxiety and stress build up in your daily life. For example, you keep thinking about the test you need to pass in 6 months, and you keep thinking and thinking about it so much that your attention is in the future, not allowing you to focus on studying and taking care of your body.

The truth is, What we BELIEVE and How we FEEL in the present moment is what creates our reality.

Beliefs are the filters through which we perceive life in absolutely everything, relationships, career, family, money, health, etc. Beliefs are programs. These programs are bundles of information running at all times, the majority are unconscious programs, and they can become patterns!

Beliefs are what shape us individually and collectively, they can expand or limit our experience of life. They are not good or bad, but true to the believer. Good examples are Religions and Politics, they vary on the country and the social group; those bundles of beliefs manifest a very specific reality at a collective level.

But how did we subscribe to these beliefs?

Through Agreements. Here is the definition of Agreement: “The act of agreeing. Harmony of opinion; accord. Consent”.

Beliefs around us carry the information that we consciously or unconsciously Agree upon!

Through copying and observing we unconsciously create agreements.

When I was about to turn 40 years old, my mom told me: “Now you’ll see, once you are 40, your vision will decline dramatically”. In that moment I asked myself “Why? Why does my vision have to go bad, who says so?”. I have heard the same statement through friends and other people. I just decided not to subscribe to that belief. I am 47 and actually my vision has improved -0.25!

How many times we agree by not consciously disagreeing? I was in the doctor’s office and the conversation was about males having hormonal disorders around 65-70 years old, and the doctor said to me: “you’ll see when your husband gets there”. For a second, I assumed this is a normal thing that happens, but then I questioned myself “why? I don’t want to experience that, I want my husband to continue being gentle, sweet and supportive. At that moment I realized that this is how collective agreements are created, generalizing and assuming that this is the norm.

Who controls what programs us? The more conscious and aware person or system.

We are in the awakening time of history. We are experiencing massive movements into what we don’t agree on anymore! But ultimately the choice of agreement is at the individual level!

This is a powerful exercise to do tha I lerned from Inelia Benz, to take a step up into our manifestations:

  1. Chose an area in your life you want to improve on and write it down on a piece of paper.

  2. Make a list of all the beliefs around it, observe the list for a moment noticing which ones still serve you and the ones that do not.

  3. Mark the beliefs that limit what you want to transform or create and make a second list of them.

  4. Take a big red marker or color pencil and draw a circle and a diagonal line, the symbol of NO, and repeat,” I am not in agreement”

You can do this exercise mentally every time you are faced with an experience that doesn’t resonates with you!

Check out the INjoy Co-Creating Program, we explore Manifestation in detail.

In enthusiasm to consciously creating in our lives,


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