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Navigating the Unknown

I am living 2018 as a year of exposure, self-confrontation and integrity. And why not, since the world itself is in a state of extreme transformation!

Women are empowering ourselves and many men recognize it and acknowledge that they are our support. Something big is changing! The human collective has been on its way to balance for many decades now.

The limit of growth, the imbalance and the potential for extinction are some factors of the "Evolutionary Engine" of life.

When part of our world (immediate reality) is on the verge of a “catastrophe”, so to speak, we are pushed out of our comfort zone, away from what is familiar; almost inevitably our mind goes round and round about the possible results and we enter to the “fear of the unknown”.

Thanks to neuroscience, these days most of us are familiar with the role of "fear" and the amygdala.

Most humans will have at least one or more things they fear in life, no matter how dangerous or innocent the reason for that fear may be. Fear often helps us with self-preservation. As a safety mechanism, our body's intelligence has the ability to feel fear to protect us from danger and heighten our awareness.

This awareness is controlled by the amygdala. The amygdala helps store memories of events and emotions so that an individual can recognize similar events in the future. It's just that fear has been stimulated to the fullest in our lives, and now it not only works as a survival mechanism, but also stops and limits us from creating, often changing for the better!

The attempt to control the unknown, to feel safe and avoid suffering are nothing more than our memories projecting into the future.

When we stop controlling the unknown and let go, when we trust the process and take a leap of faith, we are able to implement a different model, we reorganize ourselves and expand our consciousness. And yet, this is the most difficult part of the process of evolution: full trust, "knowing" that we are okay, that everything is going to be okay.

Whether it is a relationship, a job or a material object, as Ho'oponopono points out, we create them from memory (beliefs and programs) OR, from inspiration!

Allowing ourselves to be in the state of trust, FAITH on the unknown, is to be completely in the present moment, in the "zero state", in the "emptiness". This is where inspiration appears, where ideas arrive. Our work? Clear the memories on our way and visualize what we want to achieve. Know it and feel it fully in our whole being!

Our first emotional reaction to the unknown is fear, and fear is filled with memories that try to protect us. So, how can you create a healthy relationship with your fear in order to trust the future outcome? How can you use your emotion as a tool for spiritual and emotional growth? And, furthermore, how can we reach the state of "empty, zero state (without memories)" to act from Inspiration?

Here are 3 exercises to help us get into "trust" and navigate the unknown.

1. Process Your Fears!

Have you noticed that I said "process" your fears and not "eliminate" your fears? Exactly, processing is very different from wanting to remove, eliminate or push something out of our field, out of our space. And this is why this tool is the most effective for processing fear and any emotion.

  • Exercise: Basically, it is letting fear (or any other emotion) grow and grow in your space, until it grows no more, until it is spent. Then you fill it with the energy of the source or God and allow it to receive it. But here is the tool, it is from Inelia Benz, so that you can follow it to the letter, find it HERE

2. Reset to Your Natural Frequency

Humans have a base frequency, and it is extremely high. This frequency is what characterizes us all as a human collective.

Our personal believes are formed through our relationships with our environment, family, school, society, etc. Even from past lives. The way we respond to these experiences has been recorded and formed into patterns, which very often limit how we fully express that "characteristic frequency" as human beings.

The more we allow ourselves to be in our highest frequency, like a state of Joy/Light/Love, the more we will let go of fear and have permission to just be, the state of “being”. Here I share a very simple and versatile tool to get you started:

  • Earth Anchor:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit and relax.

  2. Close your eyes, place your hands face up on your lap and take 3 deep breaths.

  3. Locate your first chakra (energy center) which is at the base of your spine or tailbone, touch it with your fingers, this makes it more real.

  4. Connect your chakra to the center of the planet by imagining a cord of light that unites them, you can imagine any shape, color or image for that cord of connection.

  5. Imagine that you are releasing any energy that is not your own.

  6. This connection will help you to keep only your energy in your space, to have clarity and more presence.

  7. Let go and don't analyze what comes out of you.

  8. Practice it at all times, you will see how effective it is.

3. The state of "BEING"

In addition to our natural frequency of Joy/Light/Love, we also have our personal vibration, a vibration distinctive to all others. Our "gifts", passions, aptitudes, self-expression is what gives color to this experience of collective life.

However, many of us grow up pushed to be adults to find a responsible and productive job, leaving little space to enjoy what we love, what gives us joy or, ultimately, what separates us from simply "BEING". We are highly programmed to constantly do something, not waste time and be productive.

Can we allow ourselves to “BE”? Like sitting down for a cup of tea and doing nothing. Yes, nothing means not reading a book, not meditating, not watching television or not doing our nails. The challenge is in simplicity. When we allow ourselves to be and be in our natural frequency, then we can train our space and be able to see what pushes us to replay the past or rehearse the future and finally be in the present moment.

Give yourself time for it, start with 5 min. 10 min. daily and increase the time each day.

  • State of being:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit and relax.

  2. Close your eyes, place your hands face up on your lap and take 3 deep breaths.

  3. Anchor yourself to the earth (see exercise above “Earth Anchor” in point 2)

  4. Focus on the energy in your body, to keep it simple, look at it and give it a color, what is the color of your vibration?

  5. Now imagine that this energy is crystalline, pure and fluid.

  6. Allow yourself to BE is this vibration.

With a lot of enthusiasm,


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