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We are inextricably interconnected within the Universe. It is only the illusion of separation that we perceive through our physicality.

Beliefs determine how we experience life!

Our beliefs shape us and shape our reality, they influence the choices we make, the actions we take, and how we perceive everything moment to moment. The “filters" of the limiting beliefs we hold are what separate us from each other.

We are a Spirit within a physical body. A singular expression of Source manifested in this reality.

Our center, our absolute truth, it is Source. The Spirit.

The Self encompass our physicality including the mind, emotions, ego and energetic bodies.

Limiting beliefs & programs are what hold back the Spirit and Self from being fully aligned. The misalignment, pushes the Self to looks for attention and approval from outside sources.

The healing journey, is experiencing interconnection with all by shifting FIRST the perception within Ourselves.

Perception of one another without distorting filters but, in our pure essence as Creative Source, is the step to manifest a fulfilled experience in life, individually and collectively.

What do you believe right now?

Your truth resides within yourself.

I'm Iliana

I am a Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Healer, and a Movement and Art Therapist. I have worked with families over the past two decades teaching them how to align with their passion and turn their vision into reality.

After working as an architect for over 17 years, becoming a full-time mom and recovering from a family tragedy through meditation, I pursued a new career as a movement and art therapist, combining meditation and healing techniques. 
I collaborated teaching and co-leading women’s retreats in the Bay Area & Hawaii for over seven years. I lead a monthly Family Healing Circle in the Bay Area, showing people how to recognize family patterns that won’t allow them to experience life fully. I also work with clients 1-on-1 or in groups. I volunteered at SFUSD for six years working with kids grades K-5, which inspired me to develop a curricula for youth; teaching empathy and self-expression through movement and art (Life/Art Process).
I am a Certified Tamalpa Practitioner in the Life/Art Process and certified RSMT. I live in San Francisco with my husband and my two boys, a 13 and a 10 year old. I am most passionate when playing with children, co-creating with clients, meditating, been in nature, exploring other cultures, new places and playing through movement.



Panda Deda is a cultural movement youth arts instructor and health educator. She has been teaching and assisting youth classes for over six years for non-profit organizations and schools in San Francisco including: Project Commotion, Acrosports, Access Via Exposure (AVE), EO MVMNT, Creative Arts Charter, Lafayette Elementary, Katherine Delmar Burke’s and The Hamlin School. Panda teaches the Brazilian art form of Capoeira, basic tumbling, art therapy, and works with children with special needs.

Panda believes that movement and art have the transformative power to cultivate growth, healing, and connection within oneself and the community. Her passion for movement arts began when she started training Capoeira in 2011, as a way to connect with her family and ancestors in Brazil. Panda trains under Mestre Urubu Malandro of Capoeira Ijexa and remains dedicated to the art form. She also trains acrobatics and tumbling with acrobatic trainer, Dominik Wyss. 

Panda holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Education, with an emphasis on community organizing from San Francisco State University in 2016. She also received her Holistic Health Program Certificate from SFSU in 2016. Her passion for mental health awareness while studying about health disparities in school brought her to participate in the 2016 California Directing Change film contest, winning 1st place for the category: Mental Health Matters: Through the Lens of Culture, a short film depicting the mental health challenges that first generation college students experience. Panda is a strong advocate of educating the youth about critical health topics through the medium of film and arts to promote social justice.