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 1  ON  1   COACHING

Healing the Self

Is a journey back to “Your Center,” a journey into consciousness, a self-discovery of your essence, your truth. But most important, it is a path to self-love, freedom and the door into manifestation.


Our thoughts come from a past experience (memories) or directly from Source (Inspiration). Thoughts are filtered through what we believe moment to moment. But our emotions are the vehicle into manifestation. Inspiration only comes when we experiencing JOY.

This personal session is designed to bring awareness to identify limiting beliefs that create patterns of self sabotage not allowing you to achieve your goals. Becoming aware of the beliefs and programs in your old construct, will allow you to see the choices to respond in life versus reacting or acting from a memory.

Coaching Session

  • Your first session will be set towards your goals.  

  • Sessions are 60 min.

  • A regular session can be structured, but not limited, as follow: 

Check in:

  • Centering exercise​

  • Discussion topic to focus

Energy check & Exploration:

  • Is an Intuitive Reading. Done by looking into your electromagnetic field (Aura) to see you as a spirit in your full creative potential, a look into your present creations. The main focus of this reading is a guide towards your goals: spiritual, personal & career goals.

  • Time for you to express, ask and or brag about you.

Next Step:

  • Action step and assignments.

  • Tools and concepts, introduction/review: you will learn basic tools to implement in your daily life.

OPTIONAL - Wellness Alignment (10-15 min.):

  • Intuitive Healing for your energy field, what works & what affects it. 

  • The aim of this healing is to align your energetic bodies, by releasing the data (memories), and/or emotions blocking you from being in the present and to channel your own energy force!

  • Done by gently using essential oils topically applied on the body and light touch (when session is in person). The healing power of the essential oils are an ally force energy when activating the meridians (sophisticated network of energy pathways and circuiting in the body) releasing energetic blockages interfering with the natural flow of your body.

  • This healing main purpose is to unleashing your Highest Creative Energy = POWER

Trust, the existence of a Higher Power is always conspiring in your favor.

Commit, what do you really want to create? Be constant!

Integrity, align your thoughts, emotions, words and actions. 

"And suddenly you know: it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings"

- Meister Eckhart

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