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Hello, my name is Iliana!


Mystic, Artist, Entrepreneur and Architect.
I am passionate about being a mother, a teacher, an ally of empowering projects, and above all, I am passionate about collaborating in the creation of a new way of life without drama, interesting, and full of inspiration.


For more than 25 years I have dedicated myself to studying and practicing different methodologies and therapies in the field of self-empowerment and spirituality, and my base formation was teaching through psychic meditation. This led me to change my full-time career as an architect to dedicate myself to become a full-time mom and to work with people, to encourage them to tap into their power, their innate ability to "do."

I have worked with children and adults, both in 1-on-1 and group sessions. I helped co-lead retreats in the Bay Area and Hawaii for over seven years, these focused on Goal Achievement and Intuitive Development for women.

I was the founder of the "Family Healing Circle" in the Spirit is Calling organization, working with adults, youth and children, with the intention to be able to express who we are and create new agreements in resonance with their families.

For six years I worked with children in grades K-5 (well, it was more play than work... I love working with children), which inspired me to create a curriculum to develop empathy and personal expression, through movement and art. Leading me to collaborate with the Project Commotion organization in San Francisco and with the SFSD (San Francisco School District).

I studied and taught at BPI (Berkeley Psychic Institute) and Spirit is Calling, in California. I am certified as a "Tamalpa Practitioner in Life/Art Process" as well as RSMT.

The greatest influence on my methodologies and teachings comes from Inelia Benz.

I learned about her work in 2011 and since then her information has radically changed my perspective about our existence as human beings here on our planet and also in the Universe. I have been an active member of the Walk With Me Now forum, where individuals from all over the world are committed to the manifestation of a reality in light, love, and harmony.


In 2020 I began my mentoring with her, to formally transition in 2021, as a Student in Mysticism,  where I'm continuing my studies and training to be an "Adult" on our planet, to actively collaborate in the conscious manifestation of our reality outside of fear and drama, and to have experiences of love, growth and full of inspiration.

Now, I have the honor and privilege to be a participant in the second hour of Inelia and Larry's podcast "Driving to the Rez"


With the inspiration of sharing this information with the spanish-speaking colective, in May 2023 we created a weekly podcast "The Teachings of Inelia Benz".

If you are a native spanish speaker or if you know a spanish speaker that want to learn more about the methodology of "The iBenz Method" and delve deeper into this information, I invite you to join the study groups at El Método iBenz on

Or visit our site Inicio | El Método iBenz (

I am currently collaborating on the following projects: - An Educational System in the New Paradigm. We are an online resource platform for educators, parents, children and youth to connect and co-create a high-frequency learning experience on Earth. - In May 2019, a group of people formed a group called "Brides and Grooms of Gaia", with the commitment to establish a set of parameters and guidelines to co-create with our Mother Earth a new reality, in high vibrational frequency. Out of fear, drama and power over others.

Fossil Beach - As a result of the work at the Instant Manifestation Workshop, some of the group's participants acquired 45 acres in Washington to form an Intentional Community. In May 2023 we celebrate being the sole owners of this land! And we continue to actively practice being a cohesive and empowered group.

I live in Washington State with my husband and two children, Simon my dog and Snowflake my kitten.

​My passion is the continued study of mystical life, exploring the creation of reality, connecting to Pachamama, as well as playing through movement and art.

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