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My mission is to guide you to find your own answers and accompany you during this process.

We analyze the focus of the topic you want to delve into and from there we start by creating a work plan that suits you. At the same time, it is very fluid, very personalized guide.

We will be able to recognize energetic blockages and I will provide concrete tools and tasks to achieve your goals. But the result depends on what you put into practice and do your personal work.

Number and duration of sessions

To start mentoring you will need to make a 3-month commitment. The first week we will have 4 consecutive sessions, preferably seeing each other in person. The following sessions will be every two weeks.

The duration of each session with my clients and students is considered not by time but until we feel complete with the information. That said, a session can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours, the important thing is that the information is sufficient for your own assimilation and benefit.

In the first session we will gain insight about your goals and how to achieve them!

As we advance, we can discover deeper dimensions and the decision to go deeper is yours.

If we discover any issue that is NOT in my capacity to support, I will let you know immediately.

Key points for success



Clarity in what you want to achieve, the more defined and clear your objective is, the faster we can identify its limitations, tasks and tools.



Become aware of limiting beliefs to be able to choose if we want to keep or release them.


The level of commitment to yourself, to do the work and to have consistency is a must to achieving your goals!

This process is a journey back to Your Center, a self-discovery of your essence, your truth.

But most importantly, it is a path to freedom and the door to the manifestation of a reality free of fear and drama.

Introductory session

It is very important to have the complementary introductory session of 40 minutes, because we will identify the most important thing, if we are compatible to work and if my methodology will help you to achieve these goals.

Book your Session

This is the first step, complimentary 40 minutes session, schedule HERE

Are you ready to Start Mentoring?


Sessions are in person if you live in the area or, online via Zoom

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