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Meditation in your body, identify where your energy is to power up


Now that you know where the source of your power is, let's jump into conscious manifestation. You must have a clear goal you want to manifest and expand your awareness to identify the blocks. 

The focus of Part II is in the phase of growth & transformation, as well as tapping into what supports your life changes in ease and joy - embodying our power.

We will explore the creation of healthy and effective boundaries and new habits to prioritize your needs and maintain your vision.

This class builds on the tools and principles reviewed on Power Up I.

Pre-requisite: Power Up I

It will help you to Release

  • Fear and stress

  • Anxiety and frustration

  • Guilt 

You will be able to identify

  • Belief systems and patterns that limit reaching your goals 

  • How to create in abundance and how to open yourself to the field of infinite possibilities

You will learn

  • How to create clear and healthy boundaries

  • The ability to be present and its benefits

  • How to prioritize your personal and spiritual growth


Guided Meditation -

This is a very active meditation, involving visualization and some light touch. We'll explore of topics and the application of new tools, as well as our centering practice.

Drawing or Writing -

One of the keys of this class is that we will keep it simple and fun, a vibration of play. You will need to have crayons or colored pencils or colored markers and paper at hand. You don't need to have drawing experience; this is a very important tool in the class.

Light Movement -

This space is assigned to activating information at the cellular level. As we connect with our body, we create a clear and empowering communication, a dialogue in motion.
As well the practice of some exercises to aid emotional release will be part of this class.


**No previous experience in art, meditation or movement is required,

these are just tools that help us express and see clearly!


Module 1 - Healthy Boundaries 

  • Knowing what is not yours: energy, emotions, problems 

  • Protection, 

  • Experiences vs. karma and limiting cycles

Module 2 - Growth and Transformation 

  • Resistances, programs and agreements

  • Fear and emotions

Module 3 - Present Time 

  • Neutrality

  • Kindergarten, the simplicity of manifestation

  • Grounding a physical space

Module 4 - Support System

  • Spirit guides

  • Human Collective

  • Higher self

**Pre-requisite: Power Up I



      $220 USD 

Sessions are ON LINE via ZOOM

Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email and details for Zoom

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