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Boost your Manifestations: The Magick of the Spring Equinox

As Mystics, we connect with everything from empowerment and high frequency only. We know we are part of everything, and we tap into that energy to propel our manifestations.

This week is the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. Here in Washington it is happening on March 19.

Did you know that the equinox is an edge that you can use to boost your manifestations? We can use the edges to create magick! If you haven't heard of Edge Magick, wait for my next article, where I will go into detail about what it is.

For this articles purpose and in short, here is what magick and edge are:

Magick is a tool for manifestation. Magick harnesses the essence of the universe.

Edges are places for magick, an edge is when things transform into other things.

In this case, the edge is the astronomical event that marks the entrance of spring, involving our environment, nature and the cosmos themselves. As well as the energy from all the people placing their attention on the event.

It is the season when nature begins to "greening" and grow. For this reason, for hundreds of years spring has been associated with rebirth. It is no coincidence that Easter is celebrated with eggs and rabbits, which represent fertility.

There are countless of rituals you can do for your Edge Magick.

Some about cleaning and de-clogging the spaces where we live and getting rid of what we no longer use or those objects that when you look at them do not fill us with inspiration or high frequency feelings, like love and joy. Other rituals are simply taking a purification bath with herbs and flowers. Here is one I truly enjoy.

Sharing my ritual with you

Preparation -

First write down a list with 1-3 intentions that you want to manifest. I suggest only 1 to 3, so you don't lose focus.

  1. Each thing you want to manifest must be as clear and specific as possible.

  2. Check that the “Why” of each thing on your list is a very strong one, something that you are determined to achieve, that inspires you and you can feel it with your whole body.

  3. Be careful, here are some points to consider when working on your manifestations:

    1. Process your fears to close the doors to negative influence or manipulation.

    2. Be sure that your intentions are not to cause harm.

    3. Make sure you are in full integrity, always be in your sovereignty and power.

    4. Do not manipulate the free will of another person, meaning do not include names and people in your intents.

    5. Doing magick regardless of the consequences is Black Magick.

    6. Remember the Law of Cause and Effect, or as we call it “The Law of Three”

  4. Make sure you know the time of the equinox in your country. The closer to the time you do the ritual, the more powerful. But any time of the day of the equinox is perfect!

Material -

  • List of intentions to manifest

  • Matches and a candle (a small plate or cup to place the candle, you can use a candle holder). A candle that is not programmed with an intention or have been assigned an energy job.

  • Bowl with water (approximately 2 cup of water)

  • Fresh flowers without stems (enough to fit on the plate)

  • Pot with soil (ready to plant, it can be a pot for each intention)

  • 1-3 dried beans (or the seed that resonates most with you, it can be flowers)

Steps -

  1. Find a quiet place where there are no interruptions and prepare all the material on a small table or on the floor on a clean cloth in front of you.

  2. Light the candle to symbolize the beginning of the ritual.

  3. Sit on a cushion or directly on the floor.

  4. Close your eyes and breathe deeply 3 times, imagining that when you inhale a bright light enters through the top of your head to your heart and when you exhale, the light expands from your heart to your entire body.

  5. When you are ready, open your eyes and continue with the rest.

  6. Prepare the pots or single pot and plant each seed, thinking about the intention you have chosen to manifest.

  7. Place your hands above the pots and close your eyes :

    1. Imagine that the bright light as in your meditation comes out of your hands, irradiating the seeds and the soil. Imagine light, love and joy infusing the seeds.

    2. Imagine how those 3 seeds already in the moist soil are germinating little by little in the pot and forming a healthy and strong plant under the sunlight. Each of these seeds represents the number of intentions to be planted.

    3. You can assign them a color that represents their vibration and frequency, see them growing until they become a beautiful and luminous flower, full of life and color. When ready open your eyes.

  8. Place the flowers on the bowl with the water, stir the water in circles 16 times in a clockwise direction, imagining that the essence of the universe is in it, activating it. Pour the water from the bowl into the pots.

  9. You can let the flowers from the empty bowl dry under the sun and in a few days mix them in the soil of your pots. Or simply leave them as decorations on your altar or inside the pots.

  10. Place your pots or the pot in a place with light and air, a place where you can see them daily and connect with them.

Happy equinox 2024

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