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Why is so difficult to express our Power?

And the answer has been with you all this time!

Hello hello,

We're back. Yes, after almost 2 years.. How quickly time flies.

And it seems that it happened to almost all of us that these last two years many things have changed.

Yep, in my case, now I live in Washington with many, many trees around me and with the sea across the street! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then there you have all the beautiful photos that I have shared.

But not only that, I have also delved into my mystical studies to become more able and street smart. And I have been collaborating in many projects to explore "community" or, how we can work and create new structures without fear, control or competition, to be effective and in harmony as a group. If you visit my website, there I talk about the most relevant projects.

What is important is where we are TODAY and what we are creating!

First, I would like to define what POWER is. I don't know about you, but I grew up thinking that power meant something bad, someone who can hurt you or someone who can decide your fate. Or superheroes with their superpowers.

However, POWER simply means our ability to do.

When we talk about reaching our goals, achieving our dreams, when it comes to power, we are talking about our ability to have material things or experiences, and most of all our ability to be!

That's why we hear the term "empowerment" so much. Becoming more capable, being able to experience life in whatever form we want.

So, is important to know that only in the present moment we can create and BE what we “want” to become and the experiences we want to have. Being that thing we want, with our thoughts and our emotions, that is, embodying it.

In a recent conversation with a friend, I recalled that when the happiest, most satisfying, and also fast manifestations of little things and big things happened in my life, I was enjoying life, immerse in activities that made me happy, being present and not thinking about how to achieve my goals. Yes, all my emotions and feelings were in the present moment, free of fear, worrying, resisting, or analyzing.

In my personal experience, in all these years of study and practice, I started in 2001 at BPI (Berkeley Psychic Institute), I have found that there is a big big difference when we in the process of manifesting something or becoming more aware, if we fully "inhabit" our body.

At BPI I learned “meditating in your body”, unlike other practices that take you somewhere out of your body to have an experience. I have learned that the key to manifestation is first to be in your body, in your center, in your own frequency.

Full embodiment!

And maybe you are thinking, what do you mean to fully incarnate in our body?

Well, you are a body and you are a soul, and many times they do not have the same objectives, or they have different ideas of how to do things. So, they disconnected. Your soul/spirit looks for solutions elsewhere or pushes its way, instead of being present and listening to the physical body with all its wisdom.

The secret is to create the best relationship between the two. Listen to your body, believe me, he/she is the one who knows how to navigate the physical plane, this solid reality.

It is important to love our body take care of it, and to look on how you nourish it emotionally and mentally as well as the food you eat.

Have you thought about all the things that distract you from doing it?

Well, yes, today we are bombarded with things that distract us from having a healthy relationship with our body. TV, drama, fear, what else, what are your distractions?

These are distractions to tap-in to our power, our capacity to achieve any of our goals, our having full control how we perceive and feel life. And we can only access our power by fully "incarnating" in our body!

Yes, you guessed it right, the key is your body!

With that said, here is the link to the classes I will be offering in March, it is all about how to access your power.

These are basic and super simple tools, a key in the process of manifestation. And with practice they will become part of you and your daily life. They will be part of who you are!

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