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Divine Energy of the Universe and Edge Magick

In my previous article, I shared a little bit about edge magic, spring and summer equinox.

Today I want to go deeper into it because edge magic is something we can use to fuel our manifestations day to day.

What is Edge Magick?

First let us define what magick and edges are.

Magick is a ritual and tool for manifestation that focuses energy to a very defined point, tapping into the essence of the Universe.

When we do magick, we put our energy into focus, tuning into a vibrational frequency to generate a specific situation. We can use elements such as herbs, time, location or natural elements, and our body and mind are always involved.

Magick opens a door for connection with the Universe, with your higher self. Is being able to tap into the energy available in our environment. Magick creates a tangible change in ourselves or our environment whether for well-being or negativity.

Edges exist where things transform into other things, where the spiritual and physical reality meet.

Some examples of edges that we can use the magick for:

  • Edge of Transformation:

  • When the fire transforms the cotton of the candle or when lighting a match

  • When burning a paper

  • Blowing a dandelion in the wind

  • Edge of Reality:

  • The horizon in the city and the sky or the ocean and the sky

  • The first experience of something

  • The shore of the sea, when the waves of the ocean reach the beach

  • Edge of Time:

  • Our birthday and anniversaries

  • Mid-day and midnight or the full moon and new moon

  • Solstices and Equinoxes

  • New Year, Half year

Now, what is Edge Magic itself?

Edge Magic is that point where an intention is expressed, and in unity with the forces of the universe we release it to manifest into our reality.

My mentor, Inelia Benz, is the creator of this concept, in her family was always the conversation of magick, the different types of magick; however she began to observe and made a distinction, she saw that some of these rituals had something in common, they happened in these edges. Here are other examples of edge magick she taught me:

Sea magick: Write your wish with a stick in the sand, at the edge where the tide of the ocean reaches the sand of the beach, and let the waves erase it, let the sea take it away. Or write your wish on a piece of paper and let the sea take it away.

River magick: Infuse your intention into a stick, a leaf from a tree, or a piece of paper, and place it on the shore to let the current of the river carry it away.

Bridge magick: infuse your wish into a leaf from a tree or a stick and throw it on one side of the bridge so that it crosses under the bridge to the other side.

When you make a wish by blowing out the candles on the cake on your birthday. Two edges! The first one is when the fire transforms the cotton of the candle, and the second one is the new cycle of life you are celebrating. And if you lit the candles with a match, that's three edges!

How many times have we officiated this without really being aware of it?

The key is connection. You see? By being connected and knowing that we are our environment and the very force of the Universe, we are able to influence it.

The Eclipse of April 8

This event is perfect for Edge Magick!

There is lots of information on the internet, some positive and some not so much. The reality is that the sun, the moon, the stars, are part of the universe and directly affects our reality and we can be aware of it or not and take advantage of it for our benefit or not.

This April 8 is the total eclipse of the sun and the new moon in Aries. What are the meanings of the new moon or this sign in the zodiac? Find sources of information that resonate with you. Where you put your attention, you put your energy. And this is how we manifest our reality.

We are our reality and if we are connected in high frequency, love, light, inspiration and well-being, that will be reflected back to us.

Now, when you work on your manifestations, keep in mind the following:

  • Process your fears to close the doors to negative influence or manipulation.

  • May your intentions not be to cause harm.

  • Always act from integrity, stay in your sovereignty and power.

  • Do not manipulate another person's free will.

  • Doing magic regardless of the consequences is black magick.

  • Remember the Law of Cause and Effect.

  • Keep your goal clear.

Prepare ahead of time.

Check your schedule and see when the eclipse will happen in your area and write it down in your calendar. Define your intention beforehand, make it clear and strong.

At the time of the eclipse, I invite you to sit in meditation, in a quiet place without distractions, tuning from your heart center and connected to the universe.

Open yourself to the orchestration for manifestation.

Happy Edge Magic!

In Joy Light Love,


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