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Demystifying Mysticism

A few months ago, at a meeting with some friends who I hadn't seen for a while (some of them more than 20 years), I shared my business card with them. One of them was surprised and she asked me if I considered myself a mystic. After affirming that yes, that I am in training, I saw their faces, without speaking, not knowing what to say.

So I continue to explain to them in general terms, what it means to be a mystic. I don't know if I explained myself clearly, but it inspired me to define it and want to share it with everyone here.

What does it mean to be mystical?

We grew up with many preconceptions about the role of a mystic. First, it evokes something “mysterious” or “hidden”. Something secret.

This is the definition of mystic in the dictionary:

  1. (Mysticism) - From the Greek verb myein, 'to enclose', from which mystikós, 'closed' and, by extension, 'arcane' or 'mysterious'

  2. A person who seeks to achieve, or believes in the possibility of achieving, the understanding of mysteries that transcend ordinary human knowledge, through direct communication with divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy.

  3. A mystic is a person who has a direct experience of the sacred, without the mediation of intermediaries or conventional religious rituals, who desires to know the deepest Truth of existence. A mystic is one who feels more about life.

You will find many more definitions on the internet and this definition will depend a lot on the religion and spiritual school that develops it. From this perspective we could say that the qualities and characteristics in common describe a mystic as a person who understands and studies the mysteries of existence, linking the extrasensory with the rational.

I would like to expand a little on what I have learned in my training, what defines a mystic.

A mystic connects with energy to influence it, he/she knows and constantly works with the energies of the universe, water, air, fire, earth (to name a few and the most common), more specifically, he/she is aware of their full connection with it.

Although I am still in mystical training and being one requires a lot of practice, dedication and study, many of us in one way or another have practiced it throughout our lives.

Why do we need to be trained?

We all work with energies all the time, but we are not always aware of it. What I mean is that we create all the time, with our emotions, our thoughts and even with our physical bodies. Every moment.

Most of the time we use energy unconsciously, we do not realize that each thought and emotion “affects” (creates an effect) our surroundings. Just as the emotions and thoughts of others also affect us. On the other hand, we have grown up doing rituals or ceremonies without knowing that they are one or without even knowing what we are affecting on an energetic level.

We manifest all the time, human beings are the creators of reality!

An important aspect that we have to know is that the fact that someone has the ability to use and manage energy does not mean that they are benevolent or malevolent.

By educating ourselves we then have the choice to use our abilities and create from an expanded state of awareness, in love, light, what promotes life, what is beneficial for us.. Or we can choose to create in contractively way, from low frequency.

It is our choice to work in the light or not. We can perceive and ride the energy of the collective creation or not. We can manipulate the universe to fit a collective of personal vision.

That being said, being a mystic does not mean being enlightened.

However, when a mystic is in a state of enlightenment, he/she can see, perceive and feel from an expanded awareness, because enlightenment itself is a state of expanded consciousness, where you are aware of how things work in the bigger picture. From this state of consciousness you can choose to be mystic or not.

To be a mystic is to have the knowledge, skill and ability to manipulate energy. The essence behind it is very practical, it is the "doing", creating, and actively participating in everything, actively using your power to manipulate time and space, to create reality.

Being a mystic has to do with being able and having the ability to consciously use your power.


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