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Gratitude is our ability to appreciate the good things we have and a powerful way to manifest more of the goodness into our lives!

Practicing appreciation for what we have created in life and for how we are in our deep core, our essence, opens up the way into abundance! I would like to share an amazing healing process that requires “gratitude” in order to work, it is called Ho’oponopono.

When I first heard about ho’oponopono, about 15 years ago, I was very impressed to learn that Dr. Hew Len helped in the healing of an entire psychiatric hospital in Hawaii, patients and staff. It requires a deeper understanding of the practice, and I won’t go into all the details here, but in essence ho’oponopono is the practice of a “Self-Identity” process. We take 100% responsibility of our reality, we are responsible of our thoughts and everything that comes to our attention.

It is difficult at the beginning because there are no pointing fingers here. We become aware of how we “respond” to everything around us, and that sets the way for how we consciously create our reality.

How do you practice ho’oponopono? By repeating the mantra “I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you”: Repentance for whatever wrong you may have caused; letting go of negative emotions of vengeance, revenge or punishment; thankful for the goodness inside and outside of you; and tapping into unconditional love!

I have practiced ho’oponopono for about 11 years now and it creates miracles. The mantra holds the forces of the Universe!

I want to focus on the “thank you” portion of the mantra, the gratitude aspect of it, much of the time it is misunderstood because of our Beliefs.

Gratitude is the ability to be thankful!

It is very common to hear “be thankful for everything in your life”, most people interpret this to also include the painful and suffering experiences. It goes something like this: “thank you because through this experience (the painful and suffering experience) I learned to be a better person”, or “I understood such and such”. We then, assume that only through challenges, painful and struggling experiences we can grow.

Life has challenges, and no doubt we learn from them! But it is our “choice” to experience challenges through suffering and pain in order to grow and learn. Learning can be acquired through beautiful and empowering experiences too!

Every time we give thanks for pain and struggle, we are agreeing that it is ok to suffer and experience pain at any level. This also contributes to the pain and suffering in our planet, consciously or unconsciously thinking that is how we learn and grow.

And this is big, because when we separate the pain and suffering from becoming aware and conscious, we are setting up our experience in life to receive more of the goodness, and our Abundance Amplifies!

Our essence is goodness, joy-light-love!

I invite you to amplify Abundance with your Gratitude, express your gratitude for the essence each one of us holds, compassion, strength, humor, resilience, forgiveness!

And if we are going through a struggling and painful experience in life, we can always rephrase to:

“I am Grateful because today I became aware of how I respond through this challenging experience in my life, I am done with this experience, and I don’t need to learn through suffering and pain.”

In deep Gratitude,


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